Inspiring a new generation.

Welcome to The Clipper Foundation, a community-wide partnership whose mission is to enhance the quality of K-12 public education in Portsmouth, Greenland, New Castle, Rye and Newington, New Hampshire. Through its permanent endowment fund, The Clipper Foundation helps educators dream BIG, allowing teachers to generate innovative programs that motivate and engage students beyond the core curriculum. These unique ideas and curricula enhancements can then be leveraged throughout the entire district. With outstanding public education in our schools, we create a better community for all.

Recognizing that public funds alone cannot adequately support the ambitious efforts needed to help our children attain academic excellence, The Clipper Foundation inspires extraordinary educational leadership and commitment by:

  • Funding initiatives that fall outside of the established school budget,
  • Working collaboratively with school districts to achieve their vision,
  • Building community-wide support for the benefit of our schools.

The Clipper Foundation provides opportunities to enhance our everyday curriculum. Through this program, our educators will find new ways to inspire a new generation of thinkers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs and engaged community learners and doers. —Edward McDonough, Superintendent of Portsmouth Schools